Friday, January 25, 2013

Part 37, That's the way a ha a ha, i like it a ha a ha

And the key to Mr Fab’s happiness is??????????? To be never home and when he is, to have a room all to himself where he can close the door and just be, problem solved.

So yet again, more expense, the kid is gonna financially break us, 5 grand later and we have split a very big sitting room into 2 sitting rooms, yes hes still eeeeeee ing and temper tantrums are a hour long regular, but at least we can leave and not listen to it now. 

 Mr fab has finally accepted the babies as a permanent feature that he cannot evict just yet.  I snapped and let his social worker have 3 years of held back temper and anger and she listened, decided to act now before she was visiting me behind a glass screen of either a mental institution or a prison cell or both.  I still let her have a good shout at every once in a while, I refuse to let her put me and Mr Fab on a long finger and make her do her job.  Im still fighting for more and more and winning slowly but im winning, that’s the main thing.

 Mr Fab is now in receipt of respite 2 days mid week and one weekend a month as an emergency respite, we are fighting for this to be made permanent.  Our guide dog will be here for definite in the next few months, he on 12 hrs in home a week and we have week ends covered as well, so yep, we keep him out of the house as much as possible and he rewards us with a smile and a more calm self on return. 

 We discovered after a lengthy food and behaviour diary that he is intolerant to citric acid, Poor Mr Fab spent the whole of xmas last year (2011) self injuring himself, screaming, really out of his mind melt downs and we couldn’t figure out why, than after a trip to the behavioural psych, we finally discovered that citric acid to Mr Fab is literally like swallowing acid and toxic substances, his insides go on fire.  Since the elimination we have noticed improvements, hes still a brat and has meltdowns several times a day and bites himself, injures himself and throws hissy fits but in a less pain inflicted way LOL.  He still rarely sleeps and is up at 6am every morning but we can ignore his crap now as we know he’s not in pain anymore. 

So Crazy is doing better, still crazy but at least she a lot better than was.  I swear her psychologist hasn’t a notion of what its like to live with a spectrum disorder, I also think she’s on strong medicated drugs and hit every branch of the nut tree when she fell out of it as a kid, but she’s harmless so its all good, Crazy needs a new assessment and maybe meds, but were going in the right direction at least.

Lunatic john, well he’s still anorexic ally skinny, but he is simply brilliant, a really great kid, full of fun and just lovely through and through.

 The twins nick name is now thing 1 and thing 2 hehehehe they are the best babies on the planet, full of fun, chat, and just interested in everything. I have no questions of any spectrum issues at all and they are developing perfect, woohoo. 

Apart from non stop bugs and colds since November things are going really well, were exhausted from sick babies and kids but were getting there, 

Crazy has taken to writing, her stuff is more Stephen king than Enid Brighten and so not what you’d expect a 12 year old to write but I got to say, im really impressed.  She’s off to CTYI to do a course in read, act and write for the spring.  Im dying to see what they make of her whacked out stories, she rather freaky hehe, but she likes it, that’s what counts. 

So that’s it, we all still unhinged and mentally unstable in a stable sort of way, things are going sort of ok for a change, wont last long but we can enjoy it for now at least. 




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Despite all of your family's challanges - the unity of your family and unconditional love that comes across in your posts is so very inspirational!